Banlung City, Ratanakiri province
We Believe in Solidarity We Believe in Mutual Help
We Believe in Solidarity
We Believe in Mutual Help

Welcome to Highlander Association in Ratanakiri

Highlander Association is an indigenous women-led organization based in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia, with the majority of its staff being indigenous. HA was established in early 1999 by the Indigenous Peoples Elder Group following extensive consultation with indigenous groups, national and international non-governmental organizations in the Province/Country.


Indigenous community in Cambodia lives in harmony, dignity, based on their traditional culture operated under the guidance of traditional elders with strong representation, actively participation from youth groups, receiving full rights and knowledge to develop their community as they wish.


Strengthen the IP traditional system with strong solidarity, so that they can work collectively to exercise their rights and the power to develop indigenous community in Cambodia, and actively engaged in various policies in order to ensure equity and justice in natural resource management (NRM) and livelihood improvement.


HA is indigenous-led, and it plans to serve as a secretariat to support an IP network, this means that the actual work or activities will be the responsibility of the network and its members. This ensures that ownership of the project belongs to the network and members, with HA acting as a backstop to provide assistance when requested.

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