Banlung City, Ratanakiri province

About Us

Where do we work in supporting indigenous communities? 

Within supporting indigenous communities HA main priority target is in Ratanakiri province, currently, Highlanders Association has been working with 94 communities in 18 communes in Ratanakiri. Those indigenous communities include Tompoun, Kreung, Proav, Jaray, Kajak, Kavaet, Bunong and Lon.

By cooperation with Indigenous Peoples Organizations (IPO) HA also spread its works with other Provinces which contain indigenous peoples lives such as Preah Vihear, Mondulkiri and Stung Treng. 

Who we are

We are working for indigenous peoples

Highlander Association is an indigenous women led organization based in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia and most of their staff are indigenous peoples. HA was founded by Indigenous Peoples Elder Group since early 1999 through a comprehensive consultation with indigenous communities, national and international non-governmental organizations in the Province/Country. The objective of this association is to give priority and power to indigenous communities, so that they can projection their land, natural resources, identity, and rights to enhance a proper education. HA is officially registration with Ministry of Interior, the Royal Government of Cambodia on 15th October 2007.



Our Vision

Indigenous community in Cambodia lives in harmony, dignity, based on their traditional culture operated under the guidance of traditional elders with strong representation, actively participation from youth groups, receiving full rights and knowledge to develop their community as they wish.


Our Mission

Strengthen the IP traditional system with strong solidarity, so that they can work collectively to exercise their rights and the power to develop indigenous community in Cambodia, and actively engaged in various policies in order to ensure equity and justice in natural resource management (NRM) and livelihood improvement.


Our Goal

HA is indigenous-led, and it plans to serve as a secretariat to support an IP network, this means that the actual work or activities will be the responsibility of the network and its members.  This ensures that ownership of the project belongs to the network and members, with HA acting as a backstop to provide assistance when requested.


Core Value

HA implement its activities with transparency; accountability in order to ensure indigenous community’s interest in Ratanakiri Province by providing high quality services, sustainable  development for the indigenous people of Ratanakiri.

They always claim for:

Respect: Acknowledge indigenous people’s rights and value individual community identity, Indigenous culture and heritage, support natural resources management.

Equity: Support and advocate the indigenous rights to fair treatment as well as legal, social and economic quality

Common Work: Cooperative groups of people with shared values that provide mutual support and enhancement of each other to achieve common gold.

Gender Promotion: Ensure gender participation in community development activities and promote gender through job opportunities both with government and non-government organizations.

Child Protection: Ensure child rights and dignity for children. Guarantee the appropriate resolution in case of child rights abuse. Integrate Child Rights to remote target communities through meetings/workshops.

Indigenous Youth: They believed that the active participation from indigenous people youths in the social issues is an invaluable contribution to the indigenous community in promoting the protection their identity and natural resources.

Elder Knowledge: Value of their elder’s experiences and knowledge and also they believed that the indigenous elder management structure and system can lead indigenous people forwards unity and solidarity.



Our Team

Sotheara Pharn

Executive Director

SomOeun Loeon

Program Manager

Mabb Noun

Finance and Admin Manager

Sourt Lam

Project Officer

Saron Romas

Project Officer -CEFM Project

Vuthy SamOeun

Project Officer -IRAM

Sarith Klan

Project Assistant -IRAM

Roeun Nhoch

Project Assistant -CEFM Project

Nhury Bleng

Project Assistant

Sreynorn Romam

Finance and Admin Assistant

Chreap Sanok

Project Assistant